About Content Divas

Back in 2007, we saw a huge gap in the market. Intense demand for quality content and marketing services was not being met. Many people tried to shortcut their content by outsourcing overseas, yet when they did this they saw a huge decline in readership, engagement, and ultimately lost potential prospects. Why? Because the content was of the lowest quality imaginable. Some folks even got penalized by Google for cutting corners!

We decided to fill this gap by providing the best content creation and online marketing services available!

Who We Are and What We Do

Content Divas was founded as a small company providing top-quality content creation services. We’ve grown and evolved, primarily through word of mouth, into a one-stop solution for all of your online marketing needs.

We can get your site more visitors through SEO and paid ads, and then boost your conversion rates through sales funnel development.

Want to shoot to the top of Google’s search results? Our content marketing strategies are no trick that Google is going to ban next year, they’re what Google is looking for, and rewards.

Whatever your marketing needs, Content Divas will do it the right way, right from the start. This means you’ll never have to face the heart-stopping moment so many business owners have, when their site suddenly vanishes from Google’s results with the next algorithm update, taking most of their traffic with it. Our clients rest assured that their new content will remain timeless, helpful to their own customers, and exactly what Google will always want to see.

Our Motto and Experience

Our motto is and has always been to find amazing American writers in need of a supplemental income. In fact, over half of our 200-strong writing staff are stay-at-home moms who use us to help make ends meet.

In addition to our staff, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top marketers and businesses in the world. We’ve helped over 500 companies worldwide get their brand out there and grow their companies exponentially. We look forward to adding your company to our list of success stories!

Meet The Divas…

Shelby Larson

“You have a dream, I bring it to the world.”

Super Powers:

  • Creating Big Wins With Google’s Algorithms Centered On Intention
  • Creating High-Converting Sales Funnels and Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating Innovative, Cutting Edge Solutions
  • Chief Big Ideas

Moonlighting on the Internet
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Shelby Larson

Shelby’s big “why” is simple: She believes that every person on the planet has a dream, a message, and a vision that can help make the world a better place. She views marketing as her vessel to help bring those visions and messages to the world. Her personal super powers are understanding Google’s algorithm requirements around intentional search and creating high-converting sales funnels and marketing campaigns designed to give her clients an unfair advantage over their competitors.

In 2007, Shelby saw a huge gap in the market for quality content and marketing services this gap prompted her creation of Content Divas which was intended to provide work-from-home opportunities to stay-home moms. This blossomed into a series of Digital & Content Marketing companies assisting hundreds of businesses in getting their message out to the world while successfully scaling to that elusive “next level”. It’s a point of great pride that 75% of her 100+ staff are still comprised of stay-home moms, veterans, and disabled individuals.

Her success with Content Divas, which started out as a small team of content providers, hatched her full-service Digital Marketing agency, Intentional.Media. In 2016, she published her first book, “Moonlighting on the Internet”, to help families understand how to create consistent, legitimate income from home. In 2017 Shelby entered the world of internet radio with her very own show, “Business Intentional at Cranberry.fm”. She hosts weekly episodes where listeners can soak in extremely valuable knowledge from Shelby and her world-class guests about how to be “business intentional”.


Those who know Shelby never doubt that her whole heart lays at home. She married her best friend and is a mother of five amazing, active children. Her family is her muse and greatest joy.

Adventurous, courageous, daring, and gregarious, Shelby firmly believes that “all work and no play” is no life at all! One of her greatest passions is traveling. (Her favorite things to collect are stamps in her passport!)

Some of her favorite adventures to date include flying a jetpack, spinning fire on the beaches of Hawaii, and participating in sacred ceremonies to end the Mayan Calendar with a Shaman in a remote Mayan village. Shelby and her family are active in reptile rescue, particularly bearded dragons.

Shelby’s Companies

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Content Marketing Services

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Digital Marketing Agency

Heather Sneed

“Being a one person army is a sure path to failure;
you need a team that has your back 24/7.”

Super Powers:

  • Intentional Research & Marketing Evaluations
  • Amazon Selling & Content Marketing Expert
  • Data Analytics & Paid Ads
  • Chief Reality Check

Heather began working for Content Divas in 2008 as Shelby’s right hand and eventually became so indispensable that she became a full business partner in 2010. She has helped facilitate the growth of the company from a small content marketing provider to what is now a thriving full-fledged digital marketing agency. Expanding even greater than Content Divas, Heather is now a business partner in several other companies with Shelby including Intentional.Media, Moonlighting on the Internet, Business Intentional and eComverse.

Managing a staff of more than 200 employees to provide and intentional marketing approach to Amazon Selling, Content Marketing, Adwords and Organic Marketing. Heather’s strength is in organization and the creation of systems that enable companies to scale efficiently. She is also a master with numbers and budgeting. However, her main role in the company is Chief Reality Check.

Heather and Shelby, along with the team from Klear Digital, created Intentional.Media in 2016, which focus on Data Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Ads for large-scale digital marketing clients and Universities. We do this by creating high-converting sales funnels and nurture sequences for clients, along with companion marketing plans centered around intentional marketing and search.

Heather also had a large hand in publishing, launching, and distributing Shelby’s first book, “Moonlighting on the Internet”. The book describes how entrepreneurs can find the best online business to successfully generate income from home. The book strives to show how important understanding your personal path (not just your profit path) truly is. This life-changing book can be found on MoonlightingOnTheInternet.com as well as on any major book retailer site, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Heather and Shelby now host extremely successful live workshop retreats together where they provide companies with valuable services such as market research, full sales funnel designs, email nurture sequence map outs, marketing plans, and the knowledge on how to duplicate these through all of their business and products (all in three days). Attendees walk away with a full implementation strategy that is designed to elevate their brand, marketing, and revenue. Members of the Business Intentional retreats also experience amazing lodging and a fun social experience, with other like-minded people, centered around the particular retreat destination.

Personal Life:

Residing in the Pacific Northwest, and the mother of three active teens/micro adults, she never stops moving. Heather says the term “sanity” is relative. Her entire family enjoys dirt biking, hunting, archery, RVing, boating and most anything outdoors.

While frequently traveling, Heather has come to expect her family to prank her when she returns, like the time she came home to find a jeep in the driveway in place of her car, actually parked 2 blocks away, which they claimed they’d sold! Or the time they got chickens and bet how long it would take her to notice them in the back yard (2 days).

When you first meet her, though she may appear on the quiet side, you should remember that you always have to watch out for the quiet ones!

Heather’s Companies

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Content Marketing Services

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Digital Marketing Agency

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