What to Expect When You’ve Ordered a Writing Project

To get started, Content Divas will send you an invoice with a short questionnaire attached. The answers to the questions we ask give us the details your writer will need to get going on your customized writing project. For us to get started, make sure you complete the questionnaire, and send it to us ideally with payment, since we need both before we can start the process of selecting the best writer for your particular needs, and then schedule the project.
To start, we’ll usually write a couple of pages of content, then have you review them. If you approve of the content, including the writing style, then we’ll go forward with the rest. If you’re not happy with what we’ve done, our standard writing package includes the right to request one set of revisions per page we complete for you, with more advanced writing packages including multiple revisions so we can get it perfect. Once approved, we send your content off to our editors, who have one business day to complete editing before sending the completed work on to you!
To keep our quality high, and our customers happy with our work, we prefer to have your feedback on the first content we produce for you, so we can fine-tune our writing to your needs. This usually only takes a single revision if any, but if more are needed, we’ll do our best to revise quickly until we’ve produced content you love.

Because of this, the biggest delay most of our new clients experience can be greatly reduced if you approve of content or request revisions as soon as we send you our first samples. The faster you reply, the sooner we can get everything perfected for you, and then we’ll pick up the pace, with our goal being to write approximately 1,000 words per business day.

  1. Order is placed and writing details and requirements are sent.
  2. Project is set up in our project management software, Basecamp, and work scope is organized for the writer. (1 business day)
  3. Each order placed has its own ‘ticket,’ or set of linked tabs, in Basecamp, so all work for that project is in one place. This is where we manage all projects and document all work.
    1. You will be given access to each of your projects in Basecamp.
    2. Using Basecamp tickets for project communication is preferable to email because it keeps a record of communications, and the writer and editor can be kept in the loop on any requests or feedback. For example, if you have a particular word or phrase you use (or avoid), the writer will know to use it and the editor will know not to change it.
    3. The writer will upload each piece of content to the ticket and you will have a chance to respond with feedback using messages in Basecamp. When a message is posted, you will receive a notification via email and can simply reply to the email and your reply will post to the ticket, and everyone included in the original notification will be notified of the reply.
  4. Writer selection begins. (2 to 3 business days)
  5. Writer selection is complete. The writer usually needs 2 business days to clear their schedule and/or complete research to get started.
  6. Writing begins—approximately 5th or 6th business day from the order date.
  7. Writing starts with two pieces of content, which you then approve or give feedback on for revisions.
  8. Writing is revised (if needed) then sent off to editing for a final look to catch any grammar, typos, or writing issues.
  9. Additional writing continues at a pace of approx. 1,000 words per day (depending on revisions needed for previous pages that are written).
  10. Generally, you’ll start receiving content to review within 5 to 7 business days from the day we receive your writing order. We complete 5,000 words of writing over 1.5 to 2 weeks if you’re able to approve content quickly.

Writing Additional FAQs

Rather than maintain an in-house staff of writers, Content Divas screens and contracts with freelance writers, all of whom are US-based, native English speakers. This allows us to have access to a much larger talent pool than we could maintain as employees. We keep a database of all writers’ areas of expertise to assist us in selecting the best writer for each client.
Both the draft for your review and the final version will be uploaded to the project ticket in Basecamp. You will receive an automated notification via email telling you that the file has been uploaded.
When your project is set up in our project management software (Basecamp), a “ticket” is created. This consists of several tabs that are password protected and accessible online. The ticket includes an overview of the project, instructions for the writer, schedule, message tab and a place where all the uploaded files will be accessible.
When the ticket is set up, you will be sent a notification that includes a link directly to your project. If you lose the link, just let the project manager or editor know and they can send it to you again.
We assign a US based virtual assistant (VA) to socially bookmark each URL (these could be press releases, articles, videos, blogs, pages on the website, web 2.0 properties etc) to up to 29 various social media sites. With that, our VA writes a unique, custom description based on the URL. This includes bookmark sites such as Facebook, Twitter and G+; furthermore, each of these accounts will be re-bookmarked and “bumped up” up to 500 times per URL. The number varies depending on the campaign.

We don’t collect bookmarking links because we bookmark so many links that would take several hours per URL to track and document. I can however give you the site names of where the bookmarks will be coming from (see list below). There will be a mix and match from these various sites. We try not to keep a pattern so it looks natural normal.

  • Bookmarking Sites
  • Delicious
  • Diigo
  • StumbleUpon
  • FriendFeed
  • Bitly
  • TheTopLink
  • Plurk
  • Meemi
  • SiteJot
  • Kippt
  • WeHeartIt
  • Pheed
  • RStatus
  • iLinking
  • Cuzo
  • StartAid
  • Faves
  • Bookmarks4You
  • Heello
  • Transferr
  • SpeedTile
  • MySiteVote
  • URL.ORGanizer

Social Sharing Sites

  • Twitter
  • Faceboook
  • Pinterest

Press Release Projects – What to Expect

To get your press release (PR) started, Content Divas will send you an invoice with a questionnaire attached. This form is short, but it is very important because this is where we get the information that the writer needs to draft your press release. Getting your writing started depends on receiving this completed form back, but it’s important to note that the more information you give us, the better the writer can do for you.

We need to have both the questionnaire and payment sent to us so that we can start the process of selecting the best writer for your particular needs, and scheduling the project.

When the info sheet and payment are received, the project will be set up in Basecamp, our project management software. You will receive an email message that includes a link to the project. Once the project is set up, we prefer to have all communications go through the “Messages” tab on the project page (Basecamp calls this a “ticket”). This allows the project manager, editor and writer to have access to all notes and discussions so that we can all stay on the same page. This is particularly helpful if questions arise, so that the editor won’t have to ask anything that the writer has already clarified, and that any additional information sent by the client is available to all of us.
The writer will submit an unedited version of the PR for you to review. Each piece of content we write includes one round of revisions, so we ask for you to review the press release and approve the content before it’s sent off to the editor. If you are not completely satisfied with the release, please send specific feedback and the writer will make requested changes and send the revised version to the editor.
The client-approved press release is sent to an editor to clean up any language and typographical errors. We give our editors one business day to complete editing.
If you selected our press release service that includes distribution and promotion our team will submit the press release to the most current distribution site we’re working with. You’ll be sent the URL once the PR is live and then we’ll promote the URL via social bookmarking aka “link love”.
Press release turnaround time is pretty short, but varies based on how long it takes you/your team to review and approve or provide feedback on the writing. If you only contract with us to write the release, it will just take a few days, plus your review time.
If you contract with Content Divas to submit the release to a press release distribution website that’s usually completed within 1 to 2 business days from the time it’s edited. It often takes 1 to 2 business days for the distribution site to review and approve the press release.
  1. Order is placed and client returns the filled-out info form.
  2. Project is set up in Basecamp, work scope is organized for the writer, and client receives a link to the ticket. (1 business day)
  3. Writer selection begins. (1 to 2 business days)
  4. Writer is selected and writing begins. (Approximately 3rd or 4th business day from the order date)
  5. Writer uploads unedited PR to the ticket for client to review and send feedback using messages in Basecamp
  6. Writing is revised (if needed) then sent to editing to catch any grammar, typos or writing issues.
  7. Edited PR is uploaded to ticket for final client approval.
  8. If Content Divas has been contracted to do so, we distribute and promote PR.

Press Release Additional FAQs

You will receive a form that walks you through what we need to know, but two things you can include can really help your press release stand out. PRs are supposed to be about something “newsworthy” so be sure to include something that is new or different, such as a change in management, new products/services offered, etc. PRs also need quotes, so the more thoroughly you can answer the questions about your particular business, product, announcement, etc., the better the writer can quote you. Be sure and include your position in the company (or the name and position of the person that you would like quotes to be attributed to).
Yes! We would absolutely love to include an image/graphic with your press release distribution and will do our best to ensure it’s included and properly formatted in the release. Occasionally the PR distribution website rejects images, so that can happen and we’ll notify you immediately if there’s an issue.
Each press release is 100% original. Our writers craft each release based on the information you give. We don’t use any fill-in-the-blank templates.
Sure! An angle is great—what makes your company stand out? Anything really special about your product/company/event that readers would find interesting? Also, be sure to tell us if there are any specific details to include or avoid. For example, there could be a buzzword in your niche that your audience is looking for that you want to make sure we use, but on the other hand, in a very trendy market, a common keyword could be too “last week” and you want us to avoid using it.