About The Content Divas

Back in 2007, we saw a huge gap in the market. Intense demand for quality content and marketing services was not being met. Many people tried to shortcut their content by outsourcing overseas, yet when they did this they saw a huge decline in readership, engagement, and ultimately lost potential prospects. Why? Because the content was of the lowest quality imaginable. Some folks even got penalized by Google for cutting corners!

We decided to fill this gap by providing the best content creation and online marketing services available!

Who We Are and What We Do

Content Divas was founded as a small company providing top-quality content creation services. We’ve grown and evolved, primarily through word of mouth, into a one-stop solution for all of your online marketing needs.

We can get your site more visitors through SEO and paid ads, and then boost your conversion rates through sales funnel development.

Want to shoot to the top of Google’s search results? Our content marketing strategies are no trick that Google is going to ban next year, they’re what Google is looking for, and rewards.

Whatever your marketing needs, Content Divas will do it the right way, right from the start. This means you’ll never have to face the heart-stopping moment so many business owners have, when their site suddenly vanishes from Google’s results with the next algorithm update, taking most of their traffic with it. Our clients rest assured that their new content will remain timeless, helpful to their own customers, and exactly what Google will always want to see.

Our Motto and Experience

Our motto is and has always been to find amazing American writers in need of a supplemental income. In fact, over half of our 200-strong writing staff are stay-at-home moms who use us to help make ends meet.

In addition to our staff, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top marketers and businesses in the world. We’ve helped over 500 companies worldwide get their brand out there and grow their companies exponentially. We look forward to adding your company to our list of success stories!

Meet The Divas…

Shelby Larson

Founder/Owner/CEO/ Big Ideas

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Heather Sneed

Owner/CMO/Chief Reality Check

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