Content Marketing and Promotion

What good does the best content do if no one sees it?

The job of creating content is not done until it is promoted. At Content Divas we strive to get your content noticed, and spread as far and wide as possible.

We do that utilizing a number of terrific services and tactics. They are listed below. While not all may be right for a particular piece of content, many are, and can help extend the reach of your message and bring the results you seek.

Content Marketing Megaphone

Social Media Tactics

Social media channels –Facebook pages, LinkedIn articles, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, + relevant groups on each platform.

Stumbleupon Paid Discovery – For the right type of content, this can yield a large number of visitors, and is relatively inexpensive.

Reddit Ads – Ads targeted to the right SubReddit can also bring a lot of targeted visitors.

Promoted Tweets – Consider using a Promoted Tweet for content that you want amplified.

Facebook Ads – Using promoted posts for select content along with Retargeting is a basic tool of content promotion now.

Outside Promotional Services

Content Amplification Services – Outbrain, Taboola,, and offer unique services that get your content in front of a far more vast audience than otherwise possible.

Promotional tools –, and Flipboard can each be used to get more attention to your content.

Social Bookmarking – While no longer as effective as it once was, select sites are still useful for links and decent traffic.

Content Solutions

Slideshare slidedeck – Slideshare gets a lot of attention from Google, and the platform is highly-trafficked.

Blog aggregators – Submitting your content to blog aggregators such as Blog Engage, BizSugar, Triberr, and AllTop can get more notice for your content and deliver good links.

Press releases – Still a tremendously effective avenue, timely press releases can deliver traffic as well as quality links, especially if they are found on Google News.

Videos – Videos either as content or contributing to content can be optimized to rank highly in YouTube. Likewise, these same videos can be utilized on Facebook (edited to be unique to Facebook) Great traffic and links are possible.

Guest posting – Unique proprietary content that is useful for a particular blog’s audience can lead to a load of visitors to your own content.

Choosing the right combination of promotional tactics for your content is important, and as we said, that can vary for each piece. Moreover, the combination of links from these efforts along with the traffic produced will have a positive effect on your page rankings in Google search as well.

Content Divas is ready and able to assist in getting your content seen by as wide an audience as possible, and in doing so help you reach your goals. As the creation of a content promotion plan will vary from one company to the next, getting a custom quote for your needs is the way to go.

You can start that process by contacting us here!