Google Endorses MY Organic Marketing Strategy

My Google Organic Marketing Strategy. Google is biggest internet search engine in world.

2018 Video Marketing Trends & Segmentation FTW!

Wow! I could not have had a better interview for the very first episode of my podcast – Business Intentional! I had the privilege to interview one of my business partners, Rachael Berguson as well as Mari Lewis who is an Agency Development Manager at Google. We, Klear Digital & Content Divas, have a unique relationship with Google because of the results that our agencies consistently get for our clients in Google.

Our Exclusive Relationship With Google

This relationship is not to be confused with being a Google partner, which we are as well. This is connection is something above and beyond that and only the highest performing agencies get access to a special Agency Development Manager, like Mari. (BTW, I’m pretty sure we got the best one! Mari is awesome!)

Needless to say, when I was offered my own show, I could think of no one better to kick it off with than Mari Lewis. Originally, the topic was going to be exclusively about Video Marketing Trends in 2018, and we definitely covered that in this episode, but the parts I’m excited about are the topics that came up that weren’t pre-planned AT ALL. (Seriously, parts of this episode are some of the most validating moments of my professional career!)

Google Endorses MY Organic Marketing Strategy!

My Google Organic Marketing Strategy. Google is biggest internet search engine in world.

We all know that Google isn’t out there saying, “Hey guys, here are all of our algorithms. Let me tell you how to manipulate them to get the greatest edge in your digital marketing strategies.” So, when I speak from stage, I can only teach the strategies that I have learned from my personal experience and the success that we have had for our clients. So, to have a member of Google tell me that my strategies are not only right, but to follow that up with a case study of a business getting a 300% revenue increase in the first 30 days after applying the strategies that I teach felt pretty dang amazing! ????

Points Of Interest From This Episode:

4:15 – Why Video is so hot in 2017 aka “Winning the Micro Moments”

6:35 – The difference between paid and organic algorithms in Youtube

7:40 – 3 Step Strategy for creating wins with paid advertising in Youtube

13:06 – Segmentation (If you understand nothing else, you really need to understand THIS.)

17:21 – Example of the power of segmentation/intention in the Dental market

20:30 – 300% Revenue Bump in the 1st 30 days Case Study from Google

25:00 – What to do if your Youtube Videos are getting really low paid traffic engagement, but really high organic engagement

26:15 – Another Digital marketing trend that Google says is soaring to the top in 2017

28:52 – Ideal video length both for paid traffic purposes and in a social environment

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