How to Master Your Product’s Lifespan and Your Productivity

Productivity in the workspace

How to master your product’s lifespan and your productivity from the “Come Back King” of ABC’s Shark Tank


You may recognize this episode’s guest, Stephan Aarstol, as being the “come back king” of ABC’s Shark Tank, but this serial entrepreneur has much more to offer our listeners than insite on how to get investors like Mark Cuban on your side. Stephan also mastered the management of a product’s lifespan and the benefits of funneling the 5 hour work day approach through his entire company.

In this episode, Stephan explains how he turned his horrible proposal of Tower Paddle Boards into now Mark Cuban’s top investment in Shark tank history by becoming business intentional. He also shares the way to plan for future diversification while scaling your current business at the same time. Stephan has turned the CEO mindset of 5 hour work days into a company policy for the past two years. Learn the pros and cons he has experienced by pushing his employees to work harder and faster while also giving them more personal time.

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Points of Interest From This Episode on Product’s Lifespan and Productivity

1:37 Learn about Stephan’s experience on Shark Tank and his offer from Mark Cuban.

2:50 Stephan’s company, Tower Paddle Boards is now one of the top investments in Shark tank history.

3:10 Learn how Stephans business intentional Pitch on Shark tank can help you with everyday business pitches.

6:00 Speak to what your listeners actually care about in order to grab their attention.

7:10 Stephan found that applying his services to a product was more successful than becoming a marketing consultant

8:30 Stephan shares his entrepreneurial experiences with selling products.

8:50 Today’s business world is a boom a peak and a bust. How do you stay successful?

12:35 The things Stephan did to plan for the future diversification while scaling his current business at the same time.

14:50 Stephan shares how he implied a 5 hour work day to his entire company.

17:00 As we evolve, our production rate improves and the work hour should change to reflect that.

18:20 Stephan found that there were a few issues with the 5 hour work day.

20:15 Learn about identification of productivity tools.

20:30 visit to find productivity tools for your team that will allow you to work at a faster rate.

25:55 How lowering the hours also raised the hourly rate of Stephan’s employees.

28:00 Time is more valuable than money to millennials.

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