Intention: The One Ring To Rule Them All.

1 Ring
One Ring to Rule Them All

“How To Save Thousands and Dramatically Increase Your Revenue Using This One Simple Trick…”

What are your leads and potential customers REALLY searching for? Can you answer that with complete clarity? Most people get this completely wrong and it’s costing them a fortune. Buyer intent has always been an important part of any marketing campaign, but now in the digital search world, it’s becoming a critical component of Google’s major search algorithms.

What does this mean? We’re talking about the intent of a potential customer who’s browsing on Google looking for what you have to offer. It’s basically like getting right inside their heads so you know exactly what they’re looking for, so you can optimize your marketing to get right smack in front of them… at just the right time.

Sounds complicated, what’s the secret?

The good news is Google actually tells you. They give you the answers as clear as day… Only thing is you have to know what to look for because they don’t always make it easy to find. The even better news is that you don’t have to be psychic to get everything you need.

See, up to 95% of businesses online… whether it be local brick and mortars, eCommerce shops, service providers, and even digital product downloads never get this right. And that means you can have a very unfair competitive advantage over them.

In fact, when you know the intent of your market, and you know the search terms that people who are more likely to BUY are using… You can literally save 5 and even 6 figures in marketing costs while your competition struggles to keep up.

Knowing the intent of the searcher has dramatic impacts on every aspect of your marketing such as…

  • How you’ll choose to make your ad creatives…
  • The targeting you’ll use in your paid marketing campaigns…
  • What your SEO strategy should be and what kind of content you’ll have on your site…
  • How you’ll develop your sales funnel for maximum profitability…

And in the end, knowing all this will ultimately determine…

  • How successful you are at generating leads
  • How much you spend or save on marketing expenses
  • And ultimately your conversion rates and your bottom line

How can I do this?

Easier than you think… We’ve put together a comprehensive video case study and cheat sheets. And you can get instant access to everything right now… for FREE! Just opt-in and start leaving your competition in the dust!