Intentional Search: Make More Sales. Spend Less Money. Change More Lives.


We really, truly have found the secret sauce to winning BIG with digital marketing. However, like many things in life, to fully appreciate and comprehend the future, you need to first understand the past.

The Google Algorithm History is – History!

Did you know that Google’s Search algorithm undergoes more than 500 changes a year?

Do we really need to keep abreast of all that? Most are tiny, inconsequential changes. No, but you do need a working understanding of Google Algorithms to make sure your pages are optimized for success organically.

The good news is you don’t have to fear Google’s changes. In fact you can capitalize on them because we’ve created a FREE, short 4-part video training series that gives you all the ins and out to stay in Googles good graces.

Watch this 4 minute video to get a simplified history lesson of Google algorithm changes and how they impact your business online.

Understanding Hummingbird is the foundation of your future success online…

Now that you’ve had a quick history lesson of the most impactful algorithm changes over the last few years, it’s time to watch this 3 minute video explaining the future:

Check This Out…

Alright, you just spent 7 minutes of your life learning about algorithm changes and how they impacted the past and how they are already impacting the future. But now, instead of talking more about it, I’m going to demonstrate exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re like most people who watch this video, it will start to shift how you think about all of your digital marketing strategies.

Here is a small case study example that I filmed a few months ago, that shows exactly what I’m talking about in the other videos:

Let Us Show You How To Win!

I hope those videos brought about a lot of AHA moments for you! Going forward, it is critical to understand how to find the intention behind the buyers in your market.

Because this is so important, we’ve created a FREE, short 4-part video training series that covers this topic in much more depth AND shows you our process for finding the intention in the market so that our clients can dominate over their competitors.