So You Think You Can Write?

(for Content Divas!)

Thank you for visiting our “Write for Content Divas” page! Unfortunately, we are not accepting new writers at this time. Please check back soon.

Though we serve the world, we’re currently keeping it cozy with a US based team. So if you’re a native English speaking US resident, write on! (and if you didn’t catch that pun until now, this probably isn’t the write position for you) (same with that one)

In order to help determine whether or not you are qualified to write for us, we ask that you please submit one 400-500 word article and one 250-300 word blog style piece. You may choose each piece from one of the two groups below. Please choose one from each group. It does not matter which content comes from which group.


Article #1 Group: Email Marketing, SEO, Article Marketing, How to drive traffic to your website, Internet marketing, Twitter tips

Article #2 Group: Puerto Rican Vacations, Debt Management, Diabetes in Children, Real Estate in Washington, Spyware


We ask you to write these two unique, unpublished articles so that we can see your ability to research a topic and submit a quality piece within a reasonable amount of time. The shorter blog piece is an opportunity to show that you can write an informative piece in a more conversational style.
Note: Content Divas does not retain rights, publish or sell your work without your express permission and payment. This is your content. It is used to determine your capabilities alone.
Submission Format: Please send your samples in Word format. Save the document as the article title, sample type, and your name.
Examples of labeling:
Please send them as an attachment to

The Basics of Working with Content Divas

Here are a few other things you might want to be aware of before you spend your time writing and submitting content for review.

  1. All staff members are independent contractors. We will not withhold taxes.
  2. Our company is not set up for writers that just want to work now and then. When we look at how many writers we have on staff, this helps us determine how much work we can take on. So if you’re not looking to work regularly, this will not be a good fit for you.
  3. You will have to provide us with your name, address, and phone number.
  4. You will be asked to sign an NDA to protect our client’s content and our own, as well as a contract with our company. Note: The contract does not require you to work for us for any specific amount of time, and it does not require you to work ONLY for us. You are welcome to continue freelancing outside of Content Divas. The contract is to establish an agreement that you are being hired as a “ghost writer” and you don’t retain rights to the content that you are paid to write for the clients. It also contains a non-compete agreement stating you won’t create a competing outsourcing company, etc. These are all standard protections, nothing that would bind a writer to work for us, etc.

Trial period

(Get Out Of Jail Free Clause)

Once you have been accepted, have submitted your information for taxes, and have signed our NDA/Contract, you will be added to basecamp and will be given a copy of our writers’ training guide. The first 3 projects which you accept have a ‘get out of jail free card’, meaning that if you decide that working through Content Divas is not a good match for you, then you can let us know, and we will remove you from our system with no hard feelings.  Likewise, if we feel your style just is not a good fit for us, we will let you know.

How Long will This Take?

We aim to have content reviewed weekly. Please, if you have not heard back from us in 2 weeks, contact us at

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us at if you have additional questions.